Bio Glow


Do you go through the day looking and feeling tired ? Have you longed for a flawless skin? Does your dark complexion and uneven skin tone give you sleepless nights? Well, look no further with one of nature's best kept secrets revealed, you can now lighten your skin, improve your health and defy age. BODY DETOX SOLUTIONS Nature fuses advanced skin science in Bio Glow therapy, to add a glow to your skin and life.
An IV infusion of a cocktail of L-Glutathione, vitamins, and other antioxidants help detoxify every cell within your body to prolong youth, health and longevity. Glutathione also has excellent skin lightening properties, whether to lighten tan or age related pigmentations and is used by celebrities worldwide to increase the luminosity of the skin. Glutathione levels also diminish as we age and many diseases normally associated with ageing have been linked to glutathione deficiency.

Suggested dose to achieve the desired effect;

A. Anti-oxidant Effect:

1 capsule. Twice a day, preferably after meals.

B. Skin Lightening:

2 capsules. 2 to 3 times a day after meals.
Once the desired color is achieved, maintenance dose will be 500 mg of L-Glutathione once a day. For faster results Clairice L-Glutathione injections are available for IV/IM use.
Detoxifying Dose: 10mg per kg body weight IM or IV. Once a week, 8-10 doses.
Lightening Dose: 30mg per kg body weight IV/IM twice a week, for 4-12 weeks.

What can “BIO GLOW” do for your skin?

  • Lightens skin color, pigmentation, tan.
  • Ligthens age spots & melasma.
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Enhance healing of wounds.
  • Nourishes skin.
  • Protects the skin from sun and environmental damages.
  • Clears Acne/Post Acne brown spots.