Face Reshaping Solutions

Non- Surgical Face lifting and Reshaping

As we age, the skin loses elasticity. Therefore it sags and is unable to support the layer of tissues underneath. Non-surgical face lifting and reshaping is a revolutionary method to rejuvenate, enhance and tone – up your facial skin and muscles.

Interferential Muscle therapy

This involves exercise therapy of the facial muscles. Micro current stimulation of the small face muscles are done by specialized electrodes developed for these smaller, more delicate muscles of the face.

Radio frequency therapy

This involve radio wave tightening of the slack muscles Radiowaves stimulate collagen production promoting a firmer and tighter skin. . It in addition tightens the skin and removes unwanted fat deposits and cellutite beneath the skin.


As many patients are choosing to undergo less invasive cosmetic procedures, the Thread Lift is one new tool that makes this possible. The Thread Lift is a facelifting procedure that far less invasive, and is therefore an alternative to, a Full Facelift. It can be used for procedures including a Mid-Face Lift, a Brow Lift and a Neck and Jaw-line Lift. Thread Lift involves the placement of needles through the skin. A barbed thread is then inserted into the skin through the needle whole, and the needle is removed. Threads are then positioned and anchored upwards with their ends sutured beneath the surface. The patient can achieve a tighter, more youthful and rested appearance in a short time, without being put to sleep under general anesthesia, with minimal discomfort and down time.


  • The treatments are defined “lunch break treatments”: the patient is readyto go back to the office straight after the treatment.
  • The duration of the session varies according to the extent of the area to be treated, on average no more than 30 minutes.
  • The treatment is carried out on the same day as the specialist appointment.
  • Immediate correction of the wrinkle is achieved.
  • The new generation fillers also cause a certain degree of skin biorevitilisation as well.
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